Hey there! I’m McKenzie! But you can call me Mac!

I’m starting a blog! This is my official first post, I’m sure ill be a little rusty to begin with but follow me and watch me grow!

  Here’s a little bit about me and why I chose to pursue photography.

I am a Pinterest Junkie and a Grower of plants, I love seeing things come to life!

You can describe me as a little socially awkward; I’m always enjoying a good laugh at my own expense.

I have a loving husband and a beautiful 6-month-old baby girl.

I studied Fashion design and marketing at The Lethbridge community college in hopes of being able to design the wardrobe of a lifetime. My mother owned a bridal boutique and I worked with her creating wedding dresses for 10 years and it ended up fizzling out for me. My mom has always pushed me to follow my dreams and when I didn’t find joy in my career life anymore my plans changed. I stumbled across photography, which I now use as a tool to document relationships and the beauty that exists in day-to-day life. This new career has made me insanely happy and has put a drive back into my life.

Why should you book me for your photography needs?

You will Have fun I promise!

Your portraits will be relaxed and easy, I love laughter but I also love those intimate quiet moments so you will get a mix of images capturing those feelings.  Don’t worry about what to do I’ll guide you through my easy posing so you feel confident and look amazing!  No modeling experience necessary on your part. You will walk away with beautiful images and fun memories.

I would love to meet you and chat over a coffee and/or hot chocolate and see if we are a good fit!  I am based in Red Deer Alberta and LOVE to travel for weddings and any other photo-shoot!webpage

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