Let me help you get dressed for your next photo session

– Let your individuality shine through!

It’s so important that people don’t stick to the traditional thing of all wearing one color. Just like your family, what everyone wears should be diverse. Show your personality through your outfits. These are photos you will have for years so when you look back at them make sure your outfits fit the way your family is & be true to you! If your not comfortable wearing grey and yellow… Don’t wear grey and yellow….

webMJ38– Make sure you know your location

Based off where you will be taking photos, your outfits should work with your location. Pick your scene and then choose your outfits. Make sure your outfits are comfortable for your surroundings, and comfortable to wear, there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable while trying to seem comfortable (Did I use the word comfortable to many times in that sentence…. comfortable.. comfortable..comfortable..). OK BACK TO IT!! Lets not be wearing those stilettos or beach clothes in the mountains.

webMJ19– My favorite…neutral

neutral.  Men wearing a light blue and a woman in a blush dress is still neutral! Other neutral options: black, tan, blush, pale blues, pale yellows, nudes, navy, gray. Spice up your neutrals with going with other textures, patterns, & playing around with more than just white and black. But on a side note… white and black do look fantastic  together!


– Pattern & color.

Make sure to bring in some color & pattern to your photo shoots to really make your family photos a masterpiece. Always make sure there is a great balance between patterns and solids. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns. When picking colors, never be afraid, but think about what colors go with the feel of your photo-shoot. If you are going for a light & airy feel be sure to pick lighter colors. Want that deep forest camping feel? Go with deeper more rich colors. Pattern & color can really add a pop of interest to your family photos & make you stand out against your backdrop.


– Layers, layers, LAYERS.

Wear that jewelry, those cardigans, boots over jeans, belts, scarves, hats, & any sort of texture that will add interest & show your personality even more. Layers add so much to a photo & take a normal photo to the next level.

Unless of course its +30.. then just disregard this last piece of advice… But lets get real, when is it ever +30 in central Alberta?


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