Lethbridge Wedding Photography — Quinn and Jori

Lethbridge Wedding and Engagement Photography

Red Deer Wedding and Engagement Photography

Quinn and Jori have such a special Place in my heart. It was truly an honer to photograph them. They chose me to be their wedding photographer very early in my career. I was not very experienced. I was very nervous to cover their big day but they made it so easy for me! First off they are both ridiculously good looking so you really cant go wrong! they are so laid back! I learned a couple valuable lessons that day though! My equipment was not as up to date as it need to be so I ended up making a couple big lens and camera purchases after their wedding, but this aside the day was beautiful! They got married at the Galt museum in Lethbridge Alberta! It has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Lethbridge coulees! The weather was perfect. there was a lot of cloud coverage so the bridal party was not to hot, it might have been a little on the cool side but they handled it like champs! Everyone was having so much fun just being together. We headed down to the Lethbridge train bridge and they all climbed up on the bridge without any questions ask and the photos speak for themselves! That Bridge is amazing to take photos on! So beautiful! Cant wait to get back to Lethbridge to shoot more weddings. Lethbridge is one of the most beautiful cities hands down!
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