Stettler Wedding Photography — Chris & Erin

Stettler wedding photography — I had the chance to photograph a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Stettler Alberta in early June of this year and it couldn’t have went better! The bride requested some pretty adorable photos from her daughter. we put her little one year old in her mommy wedding dress before the ceremony! It melted my heart, she was just too cute.. the ultimate dress up session <3. I cant help but think that these photos are going to be soo special to her when she grows up.. especially on her own wedding day.The wonderful bride hooked us up with this phenomenal location with an abandoned building. We used caution and common sense when we were photographing inside the home. Safety first. These photos are so awesome and im so happy to have photographed here! We spent about an hour at this location the drove to the top of a coulee to take photos overlooking the valley. A storm was rolling in so we had some amazing clouds in the background, just as we were finishing up the last photo of the evening it started pouring! I feel like this is starting to be a trend for this year. Im always so happy to photograph a wedding, but photographing a wedding with scenery like this… nothing beat this. Ill always be willing to travel to distant locations to shoot weddings because the change in scenery really renews my excitement in photography.

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