YOUR ENGAGEMENT SHOOT—- What you need to know!

Engagement photos!

This is by far my favourite shoot of all, I always walk away feeling more in love.. it just sparks something inside me. Why take engagement photos? Well here are a couple reasons to just take the plunge and DO IT!

-Your mom might want you to submit a photo to your local paper with your engagement announcement… do people still do this?

-You might want to use them creatively in your wedding day décor.


-You can give prints as gifts to your families.

-Most people get engagement photos to use them as a save the date, on the wedding invitation, or in your wedding slideshow.

-In my opinion the BEST reason to schedule an engagement photo shoot? It’s a great opportunity to test out your wedding photographer. What a better way to get to know your wedding photographer and see if you are a good match for the BIG day.

The best time to snap your pictures depends on how and when you plan to use them.

ENGAGEMENT DAY: Don’t forget to take a picture of you two on the day to commemorate the moment you get engaged — you’ll already be wearing the biggest happiest smile you have!


First month: Schedule a photo shoot early in your engagement if you plan to submit a formal engagement announcement with a photo to your local paper. Be sure to make note of the day the paper comes out so you can grab a couple copies for yourself.

Save the date: Have a photo taken for your wedding website or save-the-date or invitation — many couples like to use photos of themselves in the design. Have photos taken eight to ten months before the wedding, in time to print and send save-the-dates no later than six months before the wedding. Be sure to take into account how long it takes to order them and get them shipped. START COLLECTING THOSE ADDRESS NOW, it takes a long time to get those things in the mail!


Most photographers include an engagement session as part of the package. It also gives me the chance to experiment with flattering angles, poses, and lighting levels before the wedding day.

It helps to loosen up the men as well there’s nothing worse then an upbeat stranger (ME) in your face with a camera on your big day if we have never met!

If you have not booked your wedding photographer yet and you are not sure who to use ask your photographer: if you pay for the engagement shoot before hand and you DO decide to go with them does the money you already go towards the “down payment” to the wedding package of your choice. (If engagement shoots are typically part of the bundle deal)

Talk to your partner about what kinds of engagement photos you’d like, posed, candid, formal or casual. Make sure to take into account what you will be doing with your pictures; Will they be hanging on your living room wall, or shrunk down to a particular size for centrepieces or favours? Planning will help you make the most of your pictures. Some options to consider for your engagement session:

Go outside: Don’t get cooped up in an indoor studio session, that’s boring, use the world around you as your backdrop! There is nothing more beautiful then the natural light hitting your cheeks! Visit to a nearby park or botanical garden, or hit your favourite downtown landmark or zoo. Spice it up and have some fun with it! Your photographer may be able to suggest nearby areas that make great backdrops for pictures too. Talk about locations you like when you make your appointment.


Make yourself at home: Your home is your comfort zone, and when you’re comfortable, you look better on camera. Choose a more scenic area like your living room or front stoop — the bedroom may be a little much.. Think engagement.. not boudoir.

What is meaningful to you: Create memories for your engagement photos by revisiting places that are significant to the two of you: the restaurant where you had your first date, the sushi restaurant you go to on Sundays, the park you had your first kiss — you get it. While the camera’s snapping, retell your best couple stories and relive a few of the moments that brought you together: AWE

DON’T STOP TOUCHING: You probably don’t need to be told to get close to your hunny, but do plan to get a few affectionate close-up pictures: hug, hold hands, wrap your arms around his shoulders. You’re in love, show me, and make me feel it!! I’m going to make you do uncomfortable things like touch your foreheads together… but believe me after a couple shots your going to get he hang of it!

Bring your children or pets: Be sure to check with your photographer and make sure they are ok with this but most times we are more then happy to include your loved ones in your photos


An engagement photo does not require you to shop for matching outfits – But if you are into that sort of thing then you do it! I remember a couple summers ago me and my husband had to attend 9 weddings in 1 year and I insisted on having all of his ties match my dress… I’m just like that.. I don’t know why

Last but not least, don’t forget your #1 piece of jewelry! I want to see that engagement ring but most importantly I want to take pictures of it! Make sure you are not getting it sized or leave it at home, try and have it with you on photo day!


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