McKenzie Jespersen

The truth is, I am a romantic. I believe that finding love is the most incredible thing that can happen to you. It is epic, life-changing. It is a time that deserves to be celebrated and seen

I never have felt more comfortable being a third-wheel when I'm making crazy noises behind the camera and laughing at an inside joke that i'm not a part of. But i'll laugh anyways.
I am all in all infatuated with humans and how we choose to love one another daily.

So I'm going to be honest, everyone thinks they are awkward in front
of the camera.
I'm THE MOST awkward person in front of the camera.
SO here's the secret... some of my dad jokes (which I get from the dad of all dads, my husband) mixed with alot of my prompts gets you feeling like we have been friends for years. 
At the end of the day I want us to have fun, make some memories and create some art. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, camping, and sitting around the campfire with my family.
Today I live with my husband Tyler and three children in legendary Fernie, BC, and you can typically find me trying to sleep in past 9:00am and playing with my three crazy cool kiddos.

I am Jeana! I know, already you are trying to figure out how to pronounce my name! To save you the trouble: G-na!

When it comes down to your Wedding day I capture everything on video from the serious tear jerking moments to the fun and goofy times. Each video is completely unique to each couples Wedding day and I love being able to capture moments that you might not even realize are happening! 

Aside from being a videographer in the Fernie, B.C area, I am also an outdoor newborn and family photographer based in Central Alberta.

I am a homeschooling mama of three boys that are wild, creative and the greatest explorers I know.

Barefoot is how I prefer to garden, and my hands are rough from being in the dirt gloveless. The Enchanted Garden is Rustic Rabbit's very own outdoor studio! Outdoor Newborn photography has my heart.

Jesus Christ is my saviour and my saving grace on my hardest days!

Hi, I’m Mckenzie!

Hi, I’m Jeana!



McKenzie Jespersen